This is an idea that was spawned off of Bonepile's SRS(single ring suspension thread). It involves using a length of cord from the hammock and an ordinary trail stick as the adjustable point of the suspension. The idea is that the tail end of the rope is constricted under the loops formed around the trail stick. To me it is important to choose a stick that is both rigid and at least 6" long. One about 1/2" thick should be good. Also, keeping the loops toward the center, to avoid them coming off the ends, is a good idea. The original way I rigged this, is with two opposing half hitches. I actually hung my hammock from this and it worked without slipping. However, I think for safety's sake, making three wraps in between the hitches would be better. This idea is brand new, and has not been thoroughly tested. I am merely throwing it out there as an option for a lightweight suspension. Hang at your own risk!

Here is the original that I hung from.

This is what I would recommend doing. Three wraps bewteen the opposing half hitches.