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The last trick I do is add a trucker windshield screen between my UQ and hammock in the deep cold. This really helps. I'm not sure if the emergency blanket material will have quite the same effect.

All this with a hot water bottle and I've been down into the teens comfortably.
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What about a ccf pad inside with you?
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Would you happen to have any old sleeping bags you could mod into a pod? Something like Shug does.
Considering your lack of time and inability to test at home, these 3 options sound good with the CCF pad the most bomb proof, most likely to get er done. Well, actually the pod sounds good also, if you can get one set up and working right.

Recently one of the folks used just a space blanket to push a 45F UQ to ~23F. But a lot of that was probably due to the vapor barrier effect of the SB. And doesn't IX already act somewhat like a VB? One VB is as warm as two, so it might not give you much additional boost, though you would also pick up some radiant block, but don't think that would help enough.