Two of our four kids decided to become full time hangers this week. See pics below - it should be easy to tell which is the boy and which is the girl!

Good experiences all around so far. Comfortable. Fun. Warm. And, no making beds in the morning!

The only question I have so far is what do folks typically do for UQs inside? We find that a double-layer fleece blanket between them and the hammock is plenty warm... but it moves around with them and it's a bit of pain to position before they get in.

Suggestions on a good, easy, cheap solution as they'll only be indoors? I don't want to permanently sew anything on to them... at this point, I'm thinking a double layer fleece underquilt with some basic shock cord suspension running through channels along the sides and then hooked to the hammock suspension to hold it in place.

Anyone with experiences indoors and want to share your thoughts?