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I just received some Mule Tape today and I'm waiting for two more whoopie hooks to come in. I've already got some dynaglide whoopies made so this is going to be great.

Three questions, SGT Rock:
1. Is the loop hosting the hook that replaces the Dutch clip a continuous loop of dynaglide or is it something else knotted?
Continuous loop of dynaglide. I show doing it in the video. Then larks head that loop to one of the end loops on the mule tape.
2. How do you get your tarp to be so light weight (dimensions, ridgeline, guylines...)?
I did a video about building a cuben tarp, one of my most popular videos which shows how I make my tie outs on the tarp. The tarp made in the video is larger than my tarp. My tarp is 7' x 9'. Before you go make a 9' long tarp though, know that my hammock ridge is 7' long, so my tarp exceeds the ends of my hammock by a foot on each end which is the minimum I recommend. The materials:

Cuben is the 0.51 ounce cuben fiber from zpacks: http://www.zpacks.com/materials.shtml

The lines are made from 1.25mm zline from zpacks: http://www.zpacks.com/accessories/spectra_cord.shtml
I use black for the ridge lines and yellow for the side pull outs so I know what I am grabbing when setting up. For the ridge lines I use 12.5' of line at both end of the ridge (I quit using continuous ridgelines) and at the end of each one I have a ti dutch hook.
For the side tie outs I have 8 lines that are 6.25' long each. I put a permanent loop at the end of each one so I can stick a stake through it then tighten at the tarp with a prusik that attaches each line.
To prusik the lines to the tarp pull outs I am using 200lb test fishing line.

Pull outs are made using 3/16" flat cord from zpacks: http://www.zpacks.com/accessories/spectra_cord.shtml

3. Do you still use your pole mod for your tarp and is it working well?
I slightly changed my system. The center is still the same piece of shark-bite tube. I now have the ti dutch hooks on the center pull outs of the tarp so I can hook them onto pre-positioned loops on my hiking poles made from 200lb test fishing line. I got tired of the clinking ti hooks on my poles so I put them on the tarp now. I still carry the pole mod and use it when appropriate. I prefer porch mode whenever I can get away with it, and use my pole mod when I see a storm coming and will not use porch mode, or in winter when I want the tarp down to help hold in some heat. Then I also close the ends of the tarp off with the "flaps".