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    Welcome to HF TinaLouise! You'd be surprised at how warm the air can be and still need something underneath you. If there is the slightest breeze you will feel the cooling effect. In the summer time it can feel like air conditioning on your back but after awhile you will feel cold. I can't remember ever sleeping in my hammock without something underneath me.

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    ok, since my very first post on this very subject, I've now done 4 camping or backpacking trips. Temps ranged at night from "something below freezing" (didn't know what the temp was, maybe about 30?? Hard frost but felt like 20 ((I've tent camped at 19 degrees so I would know how that would feel)) on up to about 55. I was the coldest when I had the least amount of insulation under me. (packed to light and the temps forcasted dropped below what my gear was rated for) Learned some new lessons though!!! The biggest thing I've learned is that I do not like a mat moving under me while in my hammock. The long mat I have doesn't move as much but my short one does and if the temps drop and I'm on that short mat, I have cold spots, lots of them. I've ordered materials to make my own under quilt (sure hope it gets here soon because I'm headed out again next weekend)
    so to answer where's my pad, it's all over the place!!!

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