Like many of you, I have several hammocks. I've been experimenting trying to get a warm sleep at night. I live in Florida, so will rarely camp below 20 degrees or so. In the 40's and 50's, I'm fine with my ENO DN and a Walmart pad, but want to go out on some colder nights.

I have a HH Deep Jungle XL zip with the reflecting pad, but I've shipped it to Hennessy for a repair (this is my 2nd time sending it back, due to my own faults, not there's). It takes awhile to get it back fixed and I'm worried I'll miss the Florida cold-weather season and not have a chance to cold-weather camp in it. Its fine in the summer months when I've used it and I also have a Hennessy Safari for the summer - I'm a big guy and need lots of room!

Anyway, who has camped in one during cold weather? Does the reflecting pad do its job in the 20's? I'll have a zero degree bag I'll be sleeping in so don't need a top-quilt.