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Fantastic idea! Glad it has taken off with such success, I know I definitely am in line for an order! I have been wanting a new full length and this is perfect
Thank you, Adrenal! I'll know something this afternoon about my fabric. It snowed again (another 3") last night which adds to the time to get anything here from my small town USPS.

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I'll be surely buying one of these in the very near future. I just inherited an amazing antique sewing machine, but i'm far from a tailor. you're helping me cheat a p.i.t.a. project. thank you!
Your welcome. Thank you too, Ras Billy!

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I want to thank you for the Down Fill reference chart. Between the pre-built UQ and this chart, I am a lot more confident that I could make my own sorta/kinda DYI UQ.

Down Fill Reference Chart - scroll down the page

So one day I'll be able to proudly claim I have a Lost_Biker UQ.

Though in my day, baggies weren't used for measuring Down.

Your quite welcome, GeezerScouter, and thanks for the kind words!