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I've had the same thoughts on an alternative UQ suspension setup, but couldn't figure out how to get it to work with a netted hammock.

My current thought is to attach cord locks to each corner of the UQ that the shock cord UQ suspension runs through. Once the suspension is set tight enough to keep the UQ against the hammock set the cordlocks to prevent the uq from accordioning up and causing a draft and therefore CBS.
Are you thinking using the slotted cord lock sewn to each UQ corner with gross grain? Then run the suspension through the cord lock them channel then cord lock? I thought this mat work too but abandoned it for fear of modifying my quilt.

On my DIY UQ I'm going to do my suspension like leahlo but do all shock cord like the head end. That way the shock cord pulls the ends tight but I should still be able to slide it fore and aft at will.