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I have no problem helping, may be a quick lesson though as I don't have that great a knowledge base. I have just adapted my ways for the trail way. But there are others that are attending that are much wiser than I.

Take your time, hike your own hike, enjoy the time out!!!!!! Thats what this is about!!!!!

The daily mileage is very low so I am sure we all will be taking our time and enjoying the scenery. Although I cannot guarantee that we all will stay together 100% of the time. But I wouldn't let that stop you, from my understanding everything is pretty well blazed and marked.

If I may make a recommendation, I would print off the maps and study them so you have an understanding of what to expect and make a copy along with an itinerary and leave it with your family, better safe then sorry and while out in the wild anything can happen. I do this for every trip, so it may just be me.

Sounds good to me . Thanks. I had planned on letting the family know the plan thanks for the link to the map, by he way