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Thread: My Virgin Hang

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    My Virgin Hang

    Hello All,

    Spent my first night every sleeping in a hammock and just wanted to share my observations. The setup was a WBBB DL 1.1 with web suspension, 3-season Yeti UQ and 3-season Mamba TQ. Santa left this for me under my Christmas tree and I could not wait to try it out ☺

    I set up right next to my house between two trees. I do not have a tarp yet, but with a clear forecast I planned to sleep under the stars. I was excited that the forecast was overnight temps in the low 20’s (ended up being 22 degrees) since I wanted to test the 20-degree rating of my system. Once I figured things out I found setting up the WBBB and UQ pretty easy. With no worry of bugs at these temperatures I rolled away the bugnet, staked the shelf side pullout, kissed my wife goodnight, and called it a night.

    My observations…

    WBBB Comfort: I am hooked on this, no comparison to sleeping on the ground. Normally I sleep on my side, but here I was quite comfortable on my back. I think I still need to do some tweaking in my hang, but even if it was less than perfect it was way more comfortable than the ground.

    Warmth: Given the temperatures I slept in my wool socks, my thermal underwear pants, a (gasp) cotton T-shirt and a wool beanie. With this sleepwear I can verify that my 20-degree system is indeed a 20-degree system. Not that there weren’t some cold spots, but I can live (and sleep) with this.

    Problems: Well, I do regret not getting the wide TQ. Lying on my back was no problem, but when I went to my side gaps would open up. I do not think it would be a problem at warmer temps but at 22 degrees it would wake me up sometimes. I do need to experiment with the two draw cords on the WB Mamba to see if they help. I am only 5’ 8” so I did not need a long TQ. Does anybody know if WB will make a Reg length TQ in wide?

    Yes, the footbox did get cold after a while with my torso length UQ. I solved this by curling up in fetal position once in a while to warm up, then stretching back out into the footbox for comfort. It was really no big deal and if I were on the trail I think I would just stuff some extra cloths down there rather than carry a pad,

    Pleasant Surprise #1: I did not need a pillow. As long as I was on my back it was great. The hammock was like one big pillow ☺ In fact this might create another problem. I was so comfortable that I did not want to get up in the morning. My son finally came out to bring me back into the house.

    Pleasant Surprise #2: The views. I had the zipper side pointed towards sunrise and what a way to wake up. I really enjoyed just lying there watching the day dawn and watching the birds greet the day. In fact as much as I enjoyed the WBBB, I think that my next purchase will be for a netless hammock for when it is outside of bug season. And I also resolve to keep the tarp (when I finally get it) deployed in a snakeskin whenever conditions look clear. I have already spent too much of my life living inside of boxes.

    I have a photo of my rig and the view from my hammock below.
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    How cold is it?
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    Awesome back yard! I also like to keep my tarp in the skins unless I need it, but it will help block some wind and keep you a bit warmer on really cold nights. A small piece of reflectix will he keep your feet from being cold (and it won't take up any room at all in your pack). Glad it was a good night.
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    Way to get out there....maybe this video will give you some UQ insight as well.

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    Great way to spend Christmas night! And, that's a great view you have there!
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    Great report! The views and comfort are both great reasons to hammock (as is the fun/infinite setups, easy setup/take-down, not needing to roll-up and brush off a tent, etc.).

    Yes, a wide TQ helps a lot for those that side-sleep. I imagine Brandon would make you one if you requested it. HammockGear also sells their Burrow TQ in wide length (but regular height). I just ordered one and am patiently awaiting it. The good news is that you could easily sell your regular-width mamba here for nearly what you bought it for (or perhaps, even return it to Brandon at Warbonnet, depending on how long ago you purchased it).

    Good luck on continued hanging. You'll never want to go back to ground again! I'm going up to the mountains tomorrow and have to sleep in a yurt. I'm looking forward to wood stove - but NOT looking forward to sleeping on a pad again.
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    Sounds like another great night sleep thanks to Brandon...
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