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    Just when I thought I was out.......

    Just when I thought that I was drag me back in!

    I took the plunge.............again!

    I had a terrible experience this past summer on my first over nighter. I hastily made the decision to sell my stuff and stick with ground dwelling! Many of you encouraged me to stick with it, try again, don't give up! Some even offered to buy my stuff....after I tried again-giving the encouragement that I might like it and if not, my stuff would be snatched up! I didn't listen! I sold my stuff and said good riddance.

    Buuuut, the desire to swing from the trees kept nagging at me. I started coming back on here and started reading, and reading, and more reading. I found myself rewatching Shug's Noob series over and over again. My funny money fund has started racking up and I've been wondering if I should try it again.

    Well today I did it! I bought another WBBB and Superfly! I decided to take advantage of Warbonnett's sale. I went with the 1.1 double this time (had the 1.7 double the 1st time.).

    So........just a quick thank you to all on this site that encouraged me to try again. And a special thanks to Shug!
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