I'm a hammocking newbie and so far I only have the stock Hennessy tarp that came with my UL Explorer Asym. This tarp has minimal coverage, and although I've only been out in good weather so far, I can see that I'm going to need a larger tarp to make rain and wind bearable. The MacCat Standard looks nice, and it's bigger, but I'm not sure if it's big enough. And I'm wondering about the Warbonnet Edge, which is the same size as the MacCat and on sale for $75, and the larger WB Mamajamba which is only $90 on sale. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Mamajamba, which is close to the size of the $130 Hennessy silnylon hex tarp that is recommended by HH for my hammock. But the Warbonnets and the Hennessy both have a catenary ridgeline vs. the MacCat straight ridgeline. I don't know whether catenary or straight will be easier/harder to use or work better/worse than the other. Anybody have experience with both? I'm sure people must have discussed this before, so I've tried to search for it in the forums, but so far haven't had any luck finding it. Thanks in advance for your help!