Who uses them and why? Well, I know why, but do they take up MORE room in one's pack? How do you store them completely wrapped up loose or in a stuff sack itself altogether?

I'm learning much on this forum but still extremely wet behind the ears....I'm trying to keep weight down but yet remain simple and fast as well.

Since I live in Minnesota with the state bird being a Mosquito (I kid ) I'll be purchasing a bugnet as well....or I suppose I could make my own. Either way would you also leave this on the hammock itself to be wrapped up in the snakeskin or remove it all together.

I realize that having one big bag is sometimes a challenge with packing but then too so can several small bags. Personally I'd like just one bag for everything so I don't forget it....

Pardon me for asking a million questions at once and they are all kind of random as I'm just starting into Hammocking which looks to be another disease that steals my money.