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    Adding Tabs to Cloudburst

    I just received a cloudburst from Warbonnet. This thing is huge, packs down super tiny and is crazy light (I've been using a piece of Tyvek for the last year).

    I have an Eno Double nest but decided on a square/rectangular tarp vs Hex or Superfly for versatility. The other tarp I considered seriously was the JRB 11x10, but the Warbonnet holiday sale was too enticing to pass up.

    As you may already know, the cloudburst has tie-outs only on the corners plus each end of the ridge-line and 4 pull-outs spaced pretty close to the ends. Since I'm not using a bridge hammock, I'd prefer the pull-outs to be a little closer to the center so I can use a single pole for both of the pull-outs (a previous poster said this didn't work so well

    So, what I'd like to do...

    1) Add two more edge tie-outs on each long side. I'd like the ability to create winter doors like the JRB has advertised. These side tie-outs should hopefully also allow a hex configuration by pulling the corners in like the Superfly.

    2) Add either one centered pull-out or two pull-outs closer in so I can use a single hiking pole. Leaning toward adding one centered.

    3) Add a centered side tie-out on the nonridge-line side to make certain ground pitches easier and even allow setting it up with a short side ridge-line.

    4) Maybe add a center tie-out in the middle of the current ridge-line (just for the heck of it).

    I may borrow a friends sewing machine or pay my local tailor to do this.

    Any thoughts on tie-out placement or technique from the experts?


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    I put bottom tabs with grosgrain on the bottom hem about 22" in.
    Works well to make doors.
    Try Dutch Clip On Tarp Pull-outs....
    or Grip-clips to make side pull outs. Much easier than sewing on there)))))

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    Good idea. I should probably experiment a bit first with positioning before committing to the placement. I did a little of that the other night in the backyard but grip-clips should really allow me to nail down the positioning.

    Actually, even after sewing in the desired tabs, I can see grip-clips being useful in the field if you need to accommodate a unique setup.

    Also, I'm sure you get this a lot but thanks for all the videos. They've been helpful and fun to watch.

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    I'll post some results as they come in.

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    I ended up sewing 3 grosgain loops on the long sides. Now the long sides have loops at each corner, middle and one quarter points.

    The new tie out points worked well. They allowed me to hang the tarp in a "short ridge line" setup and have survived a beach front tropical thunderstorm in Hawaii (very windy).

    I may add more panel pulls later.

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    hey sweet tarp.
    how did the tarp hold up with no cat-cuts?? loud? noticeable?..
    im a newbie with the thread injector and would rather sew semi-straight lines

    one can only hope to hang between two palm trees and watch the tides..

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    Nice work.

    Your new "corner tieouts" on the bottom make this nearly (if not exactly) the same dimensions as the Superfly.

    I recently realized that the Cloudburst has nearly (if not exactly) the same dimensions of the Superfly with the side pullouts spaced closer to the ends and no "corner ties" to make doors (meaning if you use the door ties of the Superfly as the corner tieouts of the tarp, you will essentially have a Cloudburst tarp with the side pullouts a bit closer to the center of the tarp).
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    Very cool.... I think those Dutch tarp pullouts could do this in a pinch..
    Hhhhmmmmm.....Just when I think I am done........
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    bruinfan - The tarp worked well. Using the factory side panel pulls added a lot of stability in high winds. The extra side tabs definitely helped too. I didn't notice much noise from the tarp but I usually sleep with earplugs.

    Tendertoe - Yeah, the cloudburst is very similar in size to a superfly from what I could tell but the straight cut rectangular shape makes it a little more versatile. At least, that's why I chose it over the superfly.
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