Wow! When I stumbled onto Hammock Forums I never realized that the gear was so diverse. I literally have umpteenmillions of choices. I guess that's what you guys are here for right? Or do you beat up the new guys who ask to many questions.

Regardless, as stated, land of the mosquitoes I do live, a bugnet is something I want. What to choose? Will it fit? I actually just picked up my VERY FIRST HAMMOCK! Although it may be cheaper than Shug's super shelter deluxe extraordinaire I think it'll do me just fine until I get used to hanging around.

This hammock will have a ridgeline and whoopie slings, unsure if that matters, I'm also looking for something cheap. I'm sure not all of you read my first post but I am a single dad of two beautiful girls (Lord help me to aim true when the boys no longer have cooties! ) so spending wildly on non essential items isn't something I'm looking at doing.

I would love to shoot for the 50 dollar range but hey let me hear your ideas and maybe buying once will save me the hassle in the long run! Any input for types or brands of bugnets. Velcro I do not mind, I'd like something lighter than heavier but for the price range I'm not sure what I'll get. I'd also like a complete enclosure rather than not.

I very much appreciate everyone taking the time to help out or at least look at my questions and posts. Just post a brand name or type and I can google search the rest. I'd do that anyways but I'd like to hear what other have to recommend.

Also probably the most essential question a tad bit off topic....AM I supposed to search these things and bring up dead threads or do we just keep asking. Some forums I know get extremely agitated and tell the new guys to search, so if that's the case let me know and I'll stop bugging ya'll.