I will start a rolling review about Toughstakes in winter use.

(I think the Review department is for Hammock reviews - It is under 'Hammock gear'-title - and so I did put this here. If I'm wrong please move this to the review section. Maybe the review section should be It's own title and under that there could be sections for different kind of gear)


My initial curiosity rose from the fact that these normal old style snow anchors are bit cumbersome to use.


The main problem with these is the digging involved. Usually the first installation does not succeed - the anchor point is bit off - and then the stake needs to be dug out and in again. Multiply this to four or ten times and it is lots of extra digging involved in simple tarp hanging. And if snow is very powdery then it is not so easy to get a good fixation with broken structure of the snow bank.

I reasoned that with Toughstake-peg I could leave the digging and just push the stake in and if in wrong place it is easy to do again.

I was partially right put not totally satisfied. But during my DangerBird testing recently I did come up a great innovation and made a decision to write this review. And I did order more Toughtstakes also, currently I have only four of them.

But it is not review time yet. More field testing will be needed.

In the mean while I would like to ask others: Have You used these and what is the success rate? Have anyone had those stainless steel versions? I'm personally interested about snow use, but sand is of course the other place to use these - any luck in that?

The medium size Toughstake seems to be at least equal but probably better compared to the old style snow beg (used as a dead man anchor style) in fixation force.

Tought stake: 13,5 inch; 4,2 oz (119 g); Guy wire weight 0,88 oz (30 g)

Hilleberg: 12 inch; 1,8 oz (50 g)

So the Toughtstake is triple the weight - is it worth it. We will see...