Well, last night and this morning we had some significant storms rolling through. I hadn't had the Toxaway out in anything but a drizzle so I thought it'd be a great opportunity to test it out. This is the radar at 4am.

I learned some things:
1) My seam sealant must have been too old because it's already started peeling up after <2 mos. I started getting dripped on and it was annoying.

2) If I'm expecting heavy rain the JRB 11x10 might be a better option. I like the Toxaway but seemed to be get getting misted on the ends. I may do a little better if I lower the tarp more (it was about 6" off the ridgeline) but I think the extra coverage of the rectangular tarp would provide more peace of mind.

I decided to bail shortly after I snagged the radar shot. I used my now discontinued JRB WeatherShield to protect my UQ but with the seam leaking I didn't want my new Burrow getting dripped on all night.

Hopefully the tarp will dry out enough today since we're supposed to hit the 70s again. I'm off to the auto parts store for some new silicone.