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    I used my WBRR with spindrift at the Frozen Butt Hang up here in MN. I used 2 UQs (0* Incubator and a 30* home made UQ) I also supplemented with a very light windshield sun blocker that I worked in-between the layers.

    I had 2 TQs covering me (0f Burrow and a 40f Thermarest Ventra)

    The first night hit a low of -9f. I zipped the spindrift up completely and the next morning I noticed a lot of frost inside. I sorta kicked myself for not leaving a breathing hole to prevent all the frost.

    The second night (17f) I left a large breathing hole and had almost no frost build up. I got a bit warm and jettisoned the 2nd TQ.

    The third night was cold (-15f) and lots of wind. I figured that it was probably worth the risk to zip it up completely and hope my frost bib would do it's job. I woke up to a huge amount of frost inside, again. By the time I got myself organized and out of the hammock, everything was covered by the frost.

    I am sorta realizing that I need to leave a fair portion of the door unzipped in the deep winter, but I can't wait to use it in the spring and fall.

    I really like the ability of the Spindrift to cut the wind. It makes for a peaceful sleeping environment and it keeps it dark so I can sleep later

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    bugnet as frost liner?

    Hope you don't mind my dusting off this thread. I just watched the linked video and wondered whether using the mesh net under a spindrift (or any close fitting sock) provides some frost liner benefit, i.e., frozen condensation on the sock gets deflected (mostly) around the mesh instead of falling on TQ, etc. Anyone try this?

    I really like the double door and your spindrift mods. It appears the spindrift does not have a double/two-way zipper mod yet ( allow venting only at top)?

    Anyway, I'm considering a spindrift or modding/DIYing one, but would like to build in frost handling and optional peak only ventilation. Keen for your input. Thanks!

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