So my current setup is a Warbonnet Traveler, Jarbridge 3/4 UQ, Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag, and a Thermarest pad for the foot box. Yesterday was the first time using the pad in the footbox and I ran into a rather annoying problem, my feet would not stay in the hammock. A friend who had a similar setup, was complaining about the very same issue, so I don't think I'm alone with this issue.

The hammock I use doesn't have a dedicated footbox, rather it kinda forms with the weight of my legs and feet on the material. With the Thermarest pad under my feet they no longer have the force to create a footbox. Instead it just floats on top of the hammock, the slickness of the sleeping bag and hammock materials makes it nearly impossible for it to stay put. There was one spot where it would stay on the hammock, if I moved, adjusted or did pretty much anything my feet would slide off.

I was sleeping in 25F so removing the pad was not an option, deflating the pad to about half pressure helped a little. Anyone familiar with this issue, and have a simple fix for it?