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    To answer my own question, yes a 6'4" man can fit just fine in a ridge runner. I wouldnt want to be much taller, but its a good fit! Im a back sleeper, and find it very comfortable! I can sort of lay on my side---not a fetal position, but sort of a laying on the side with the knees partially brought up. I can lay on my stomach, but at my height it doesnt work very well---when I bring my hands over my head, they hit the end of the hammock! So, Im pretty happy with this hammock---the quality is top notch, and it feels great! I designed and built a grizz bridge last year---its definitely a distant relative, but branden worked some of his famous warbonnet magic and made the ridge runner much better! (no idea how he did it, but its really really good!)
    FYI: If you want to know what type a certain bear is, sneak up behind it and kick it. Then,
    run like crazy and climb up a tree. If the bear climbs the tree and eats you, it's a black
    bear. If the bear just pushes the tree over and eats you, it's a grizzly bear : )

    Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me, either, just leave me alone.

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    I was just about to link this thread for you:

    "We're the Sultans of Swing."

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