Hi all,
I testify among you about a purchase I made ​​on the shop UGQ.
I live in France and what kind of items is very difficult to find here.
Paul was very professional, fast and easily accessible by email.
The processing time was short, and Paul told me to change things.
So I received some time later a 20 * F ZEPPELIN UQ, long waist, with OVERSTUFF: 2 OZ and option: 20 * DOWN RESIST.
1 UQ DRAFT COLLARS and a set of UQ triangles.
After some tests, I must say that I am absolutely delighted. This material is very good quality and design very well done.
Need we say more? Ah yes! I also had the pleasure to find a nice and warm gift inside my package, a beautiful hat to color UGQ.
To conclude, I would say two things:
First: a big thank you to Paul and his staff for the work they have provided excel, but also thought to all the generous members of this great forum who helped me discover professionals competent and attentive to their customers.