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Before my lab was killed he went with me on every trip whether it was tent or hammock. He was so well behaved I never had to worry about him and he loved sleeping right under the hammock. I have a fiest/pitt rescue and she has issues . First she has to be close to me and wants to climb in so it adds 40lbs of weight and she's a bed hog. She also hates bugs especially the little ones that like to crawl on people and pets. This fall we got into a few seed ticks and chiggers and they drove her nuts! In the middle of the night she would get frustrated and jump up like I was doing something to her and run to other campers for relief . I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably! She tried to claw her way into the tent with a friend of mine to hide because she thought something was after her. He has to take ambien to sleep and didn't wake up . The next morning he wanted to know what happened and why his tent was collapsed. I told him "well you invited her to spend the night with you and she got mad when you wouldn't let her in. Good memories anyway
LOL--I have had two Pit crosses, they were both bed hogs, they took their half of the bed out of the middle, they would also hog the pillow if given a chance. My male Staffie was part Mastive. He was about 105 pounds, slept with his legs straight out. It is kind of funny, when I was critically ill, he came and slept next to me, no kicking me, no hogging the bed, just very gentle company. He was the only thing in my life that knew I was dying, he cared.

My Staffies thought camping was a bit crazy at night. Not a bit to their liking.
My Bouvie, is the same way, she prefers to guard the vehicle. She has her own dog crate that folds up very small and very light, it keeps the bugs off and keeps her from chewing on herself.

I plan on hiking the PCT this spring, she will be pulling all our gear. I do not intend to take her crate, she is going to make do with her own mat and lots of bug spray on her harness.