Like most of our gear, tarps are evolutionary. I was going to get a WB tarp when I ordered my BB, but Brandon had the hammock ready and the tarps were back ordered. Just like most here I needed it right away and ordered the HEX 70D. It seemed like a lot of coverage for that price! I had a blast setting it up and it works great. Then Wilderness Logics kept getting great reviews and I wanted a backpacking weight tarp. Tadpole won! I also use it on my motorcycle trips because it packs so small. Another great tarp, HH HEX went to the car. Then I got inspired by you crazy people and had to gear up for Winter camping. I considered the Superfly, but again WL had a great sale and added the tent pole mod for cheaper than postage to a seamstress. I am now waiting for Cuben Fiber to become more economical before I buy another tarp.