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    Introducing AL501257

    Been looking for a thread in jector for the past few months. Research and good advice told me that the best I could get for maiing gear would be a Singer 201 or 15-91. I'm a regular Ebayer, but the serviced machines I saw there were running arou $300+ once shipping was added, and I'm a little leery of shipping something like a thread injector safely. Most of the rest were running in the $100 range once shipping was added and I knew that something like that was going to require servicing even if the seller said it was in "running condition". Craig's List was no help and aintique stores yielded an old Kenmore and a Singer treadle that would have only saved me the shipping.

    I had that $300 in my pocket budgeted as my Christmas to me, but opted to go for a custom pack by Zimmerbuilt and decided that the next object of my savings program would be $300 for a thread injector---sometime in April.

    Then, a client came through. He was apparently cleaning out his books trying to get all the tax deductible bidness expenses he could before the end of the tax year. He's been paying us on what's supposed to be a net 30 basis, but has stretched that to six weeks for this past year (in this economy, you can't be picky or complain much)---now all of a sudden he pays us for all he owed us right up until last week. I decided that now was the time to jump.

    On a whim, I stopped in a place on the way home. Its a place that sells modern machines and embroidery equipment. The staff was wierdly stereo-typical for a sewing shop: a young girl with frizzy hair and coke bottle glasses, an older woman with a sweater and glasses hanging around her kneck by a gold chain, a slightly overweight 20 something girl with horn rimmed glasses, and a young guy with a pony tail.

    I explained my situation: new to injecting, making gear, the guys tell me an old Singer is best, etc. and pony tail guy says that they don't have anything that will do the job and goes in the back room to get me the address of a place that sells industrial machines. When he comes back and starts writing it on a white tablet, horn rim glasses girl walks up and says "What about this guy?"

    Cradled in her arms was AL501257, a Singer 15-91 in a white plastic case. Frizzy haired girl goes into the back to get "Dave". Dave comes out, looks at the machine and the says. "Its a service job that was never picked up. I'll sell it to you for the service fee: $119.00.

    The sonic boom heard in West Houston Saturday afternoon was me reaching for my wallet and pulling it out. There are scorch marks on my hip pocket.

    AL501257 and I were born the same year and, apparently, we were destined to be together.

    Think I'll go try and figure out how to wind a bobbin.

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