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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    I suspect you're thinking of a material other than the Amsteel Blue we use. The smallest diameter has an average breaking strength of 1600 lb.
    Right: Amsteel is the registered brand name for Samson's UHDPE cordage. In almost two years of reading, Amsteel here is to UHDPE as Kleenex (tm) is to tissue.

    But, anyone who looked at their brand name Zing-It and Lash-It would know that the fiber and construction are the same. Check the bs, by weight, for further evidence.

    Some, besides me, have voiced caution and reluctance about use of another UHDPE cord, Dynaglide (tm), for hanging. (Listed bs of 1000lb.) I don't recall a reported failure. Had the OP excluded it from his concern / curiosity? Likely not.

    I implied important factors in keeping UHDPE cordage failure low: being conservative in selection of bs, terminating it in a way to retain maximum strength, and not snapping it with temporary high loads.

    Some failures in straps have been reported here, and others have done well to ask about whether strand separations in UHDPE cordage, are signs of pending failure. Still others retire what they suspend from on schedule, climbers for example.

    If outright failures went unreported, did they not occur? That's not a lesson from the sciences of surveillance and fragility estimation.
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