I'm guessing this has been asked a million times before so apologies for that, if anyone's got a link to an existing thread please put the link up and I'll take a look.

I got into a discussion with some friends the other day about using a CCF pad to boost the performance of a synthetic UQ, I've never tried the combination but I hope some of you guys have in the past. My thoughts were that the CCF would block out your radiated heat and therefore prevent the UQ from working as well, the other side of the argument was that it would help boost the overall performance when used together.

The quilt isn't mine as I use down now, but I did have the same one once upon a time, I've happily used it down to -11*C (12*F) and could see it reaching it's limit around -15*C (5*F). The friend is heading to Lithuania for a hanging trip soon and temperatures are expected around -20*C (-5*F).

Would packing a CCF pad be a good idea or would it make matters worse?