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    2 sleeping bags 4 sale - summer temps - 40F

    I have two sleeping bags up for sale. Both are in excellent condition and I store them hanging upright in a smoke free house. I do have dogs but the bags are in a position where they do not interact with the dogs and they have never slept in or on them. There is no damage to either and loft really well.

    EMS THAW 40F long 600fp mummy bag (mens) - weight is 1080g/38oz in the stuff sack. The dimensions stuffed are rough 5"x14"

    I would like $90 for the the EMS

    LaFuma 40F reg 600fp mummy bag (womens) - weight is 690g/24.3oz in the stuff sack. The dimensions stuffed are rough 5"x10"

    I would like $75 for the LaFuma

    Both prices reflect first class shipping USPS. If the buyer is overseas, not a problem but I would like to negotiate again if the shipping exceeds $12.

    Please claim the item in the thread then PM. I've been eying a new hammock and this was the agreement with the boss.

    paypal only following HF rules


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