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    Question My gear and a question

    I am new to the forum, although I have lurked for a few weeks.

    I currently use a GT ultralight. I used it stock for a while, but decided to make some changes.

    I added an integrated bugnet, and a piece of ripstop at each end to cap the top and make its easier to sew the bugnet (my sewing skills are crap). I sewed the ends closed about 4 inches, and on one end I added a second layer to the extra ripstop on top. I attached the bugnet at this end. When I don't want to use it, it rolls up into this pocket, which snaps closed. It's similar to the Clark. I also added a structural ridge line, because I like more sag than usual. I then cut off the side stuff sack and converted it to a bishop bag. I also have a set of snakeskins that are just an Axe body wash scrubber that I took apart.

    I also put together a 10x10 hex tarp out of homemade sil. It's the second time I've made DIY sil, and I've had no issues yet.

    My question -

    I picked up a 0degree mummy bag at an open-box store for $14. It is 8.5 long and would make a great peapod, but I'm not sure how to go about cutting/sewing the opening in the foot box. This bag only unzips 3/4 down, so there is a large tube that Makes it so I can't get to the base with my thread injector. And I can't hand sew to save my life. Is there a new-sew way to create the slit in the base to peapod this? And a channel for the shoc cord?

    Thanks for any assistance! I love this forum
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