After a bit of a problem with delivery (Post Office Issues) I got my No sniveler under quilt. I only got to do a 30-minute test of it, but I am so impressed I can’t see straight.

It has all kind of neat features like: A head slit for double duty as a cold weather poncho, Omni tape closed. Omni tape & draw string at the foot end to make a foot pocket for use as a top quilt. Draw string at each end to help it close & fit the hammock better. Loops for suspending under the hammock. A Sil nylon stuff sack for on trail storage and a vinyl bag for when not in use / at home storage.
The suspension kit doubles as a belt when using the quilt as a cold weather poncho.
I didn’t weigh it, but it is light, the 21 OZ advertised weight is probably spot-on.
It looks VERY well built, & the material has a “Nice hand” & doesn’t even feel like nylon.

Huge kudos to Jack’s customer service!

I already want another one!!

Maybe two!!

If you have been holding off getting anything by JRB, I say don't wait! Get it now, you won't regret it, ever!! I waited (“saving my pennies” was my excuse.) 2 years.

[Usual disclaimer: not associated with the Jack’s, etc.]