Last night I slept inside in my hammock hanging on my TL stand, and decided that it's something that I definitely want to continue on nights when the significant other is out of town** . I slept in my BIAS, my back was a little chilly and my indoor setup is too low for an UQ so I just padded my hammock with a thin comforter.

I'm looking at getting a hammock for indoor use and wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions. I lookeed around the forums and I've seen good things about the cotton Brazilian/Mayan hammocks and was looking at this one. It's a little narrow in size, but I'm confident that it will fit.

Unfortunately my hanging setup is a little low (dictated by my room layout). My ridge pole is 54" off of the ground, so I'm concerned that the longer hammocks wont fit.

So too the point: what suggestions do you have for an indoor (preferably cotton) hammock? I'd love to buy from one of our cottage vendors, but I've not seen any that offer one.

**Said significant other wants me to get one large enough so that we can hang together, even if it's not comfortable enough to sleep in... I'm just not sure I have the space for it