So many treads I could piggyback on about this but specifically, I've read that a waterproof undercover (Silnylon) can cause condensation to form on/in the under quilt.

My experience is that heat (warm vapor) rises. I have many experiences with frost on the TOP of my sleeping bag, inside the walls of a tent, and on the inside roof of my car when sleeping in it during one miserable "homeless" winter (I called it "adventure").

So first - what is the temperature range I need to be concerned about? For example, is this condensation issue only a fall/winter issue within an approximate min/max temperature range?

And within that range, does condensation really form on the bottom of an UQ that has Silnylon below it?

At my age, taking things on/off can lead to forgetting something. Once I took a friend to the Jefferson Park Wilderness in Oregon and grabbed what I thought was a full tent. Turned out, I only had the fly and poles. But I made that into a feature instead of a bug because though not designed for it like current tents that work with just fly and poles, I was able to make a covered low arch. It kept us dry in the rain storm that night. We awoke to find small rivers of water flowing under our thermarests - but we and our bags were dry. And there was a 4 minute break in the rain. I streaked of the shelter, was able to heat exactly one cup of water to boil, add instant coffee, and hand it to my sleeping partner before the torrent began again. She learned a lot about not giving up and finding the maximum good time in a potentially bad situation. She said she will never forget the coffee.

But I do like everything together. So I planned on keeping the HH, the UQ, and the HH undercover (for weather protection) as one unit. One FAQ said the HH undercover fits too tight for UQ use - compresses the loft. Have you found that to be true? I only see the undercover when I'm outside the hammock and then it seems to be loose enough to hold an UQ without compression. Or maybe its suspension can be adjusted?

But then I read that because it is Silnylon I could get condensation problems - back to my original question.