Laying in bed reading the "bible" (Dejoha's Ultimate hang") the other day and had a vision. To keep sap off my poly-pro webbing I've been in the habit of wrapping a 6-in. strap of left-over nylon fabric around the tree, then wrapping my suspension strap around the tree over the fabric. Keeping the fabric in place till the strap is in proper alignment has led to some "linguistics," shall we say? So the revelation came up to build 4 ft. snake skin type tubes to run the suspension through. I use a gated 'biner on the end of the strap. The 'skin goes from the 'biner back toward the hammock. Wrap the enclosed strap around the tree, slide the skin tube toward the 'biner end and clip the biner on bare strap. Adjust the tube so it covers contact with the tree, and you're done. any sap that gets on the tube can be scraped off and the tube laundered in your own chosen manner, or disposed of and new ones installed. I use talcum powder on the sap when packing up to keep it from damaging the rest of the gear.