So as I stated in my introductory thread earlier today, I'm looking to get into hanging. I looked at a whole ENO setup at REI, but after some research have decided to go the DIY route. I've ordered 2 tablecloths to make the hammock, but have a few questions from here. First of all, is it OK to run the static end of whoopie slings through a channel I sew into the ends, or would I be better off from a weight bearing/durability standpoint to just use a smaller cord and larkshead them on? Also, I am going to make a "fronkey" bugnet, and am considering the same style sock as well. What is a good material to use for the sock? I read that canvas is good, but I'm going to be placing an order with DIY gear supply anyway, so would like to get something from there. Would 70d be appropriate? I am not concerned about weight, this is going to be used as a motorcycle camping kit. Anyway, before being a gram weenie would make any sense for me, I would need to lose a few pounds off MY frame. Thanks!