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Thread: New to hanging

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    They are really good choices they all offer good stuff. I also want throw out the ridge runner it is a good hammock if your a big fan of bridge hammocks. Also the traveler if you don't need a bug net like me I use permetherin and that works really well for me because Utah is not that bug ridden. But all have pros and cons.

    For tarp I suggest something the mamajamba or edge if you have nice climates. Superfly makes a great winter tarp.

    You also need to consider top insulation and bottom insulation. Warbonnet offers the mamba for a top quilt. The yetti for bottom. You have to do research but I am just telling you what warbonnet offers. There are many other awesome companies. When it comes to hammock camping I really suggest you look up Shugs videos he offers alot more in depth than I did. Like I said Hammock camping is awesome.
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    +1 on the Shug

    Check his Youtube Videos out. They will set you free and open your wallet to a vast world of options.
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