Hey guys,

New guy here, (I introduced myself in the intro's thread) looking for some expert advice. I understand that the question, "what's the best hammock?" is hard to answer so i'll try and narrow things down as much as possible as not to be a nuisance... I'm 6'1" 170 pounds and looking for an ultralight setup. By ultralight I mean the closer to 2 pounds the better but I would be happy with anything under 3. With ultralight I understand some things need to be sacrificed but If I could get a bug net in a setup under 3 lbs. that would be ideal. I am mostly familiar with Clark Jungle Hammocks, and Hennessy Hammocks but i'm hoping some of you can lead me to other brands that I should be aware of. I would not be opposed to some DIY projects either if it will help cut costs and lighten my load. Speaking of cost i'd like to stay under $300. I will be using the hammock from about June through September. I may need an under quilt or some sort of insulation as I get further into September but lets leave that out for now. Do you think I would be better off mixing and matching components from different companies? I'm excited to hear what everyone has to say. let me know if more information would help you, help me. Thanks!