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    Full suspension?
    Archer, are you in North or South Utah? If your close to StGeorge, I could show you some of my gear and give you some tips.

    Mr. Tatto is dead on with his recommend ,but I like arrowheads toxaway tarp for a few oz more but better coverage.

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    Thanks for all the help guys! You've given me some great input that should give me a good start.

    Those are some great websites! Thanks

    I'm in the salt lake area but if I ever find my self around St. George ill be sure and let you know. It would be great to try a few out. There don't seem to be many retailers out this way so I have to buy blind which makes me a little nervous...

    I'll do some searches for DIY stuff. That sounds like a fun project that i'd like to explore. My wife has a sewing machine that i'm sure I could use. I don't have tons of free time but a few hours here and there should build me a system before late spring... At least I hope. Any threads out there or info anyone could give me on UL DIY gear?

    Thanks again for all the help guys! The more I explore the forums here the more I realize I know nothing about hammock camping haha. I found the abbreviations forum and that couldn't have been more helpful. You hangers and your secret language...

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    Under 3lbs should be a walk in the park.

    Just using 'stock' equipment from Warbonnet, which I use as an example only because I'm most familiar with their line:

    Warbonnet Traveler 1.1 Single Layer and cord suspension: 12.5oz
    Warbonnet 3-season Yeti: 12.5oz
    Warbonnet Edge tarp: 10oz
    Warbonnet Bugnet: 7.5oz

    Given your height, weight, and selected season of use this setup will more than meet your minimums. Again, all stock setup, and the totals are 42.5oz. And there is still plenty of room to lose an ounce or two with some modifications. But, if you really worked at it and mixed things up from different vendors, I bet you could find a way to drop a full 8oz from my example. Start bringing advanced materials like cuben into the mix and a 2lb setup isn't out of reach.
    Trust nobody!

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    Quick question for everyone... What should my tarp dimensions be for an 11' hammock. How much tarp should I have beyond my hammock? Also when the specs list the hammock as 11' is that a flat hammock or is that the ridgeline length? Thanks guys

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    That's 11' measured FLAT. Any tarp around here should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARCHER11 View Post
    Quick question for everyone... What should my tarp dimensions be for an 11' hammock. How much tarp should I have beyond my hammock? Also when the specs list the hammock as 11' is that a flat hammock or is that the ridgeline length? Thanks guys
    Most folks use a ridgeline on a hammock, using the rule that the ridgeline should be approximately 83% of the hammock length. So if a Weight Weenie Micro is 132 inches, then your hammock ridgeline should be 109.5 inches long.

    Depending on your hammock suspension, you'll probably want at least 6 inches of coverage on each end to keep the hammock dry. In my case, I have an HG 4S CF tarp with a 130 inch ridgeline, so I have about 10 inches of coverage on each end. The WWM Micro has continuous loops through the channels, so these add about 5 inches on each end. I use Dutch titanium Whoopie Hooks to connect to the continuous loops, and the whoopie hooks act as drip strings to keep my hammock dry.

    I haven't gotten wet yet, and I've been in some frog-strangling rain storms. Having a tarp with doors might have something to do with staying dry.

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    I'm going to bring this thread back to the top one last time... First, just to thank everyone for the awesome tips and advice. This forum rocks! There are so many possibilities with hammock camping! Second, to get everyone's advice on the setup i'm looking at. Here's what I've got. Let me know what you think could be adjusted to shave a little weight or add to my hammock experience.

    Hammock: BIAS WWM
    Suspension: BIAS Suspension Kit
    Bugnet: Fronkey DIY Bugnet
    Tarp: Warbonnet Edge

    This setup should put around the pound and a half mark and keep me under $200.

    Anyway, lets here any other last minute suggestions. Thanks again guys!

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    You will be well served with this setup!!
    Welcome to the forum and keep us posted on yer progress!!

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