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    Nobul1 TQ Project

    I placed an order for 5 yards of Nobul1 mid-December but, must admit a moment of concern when I pulled the parcel from Titanium Goat out of the mailbox yesterday! My initial though… There’s no way this envelop has 5 yards of fabric in it!!...I was wrong, it's just super thin and very light. With a ”tip of the cap” for a hassle free & accurate (across border) delivery, Thanks Titanium Goat…I will be making another purchase soon!

    My original intention for the Nobul1 was to make an ultra-light version of the WR-II UQ but now that I have it in hand, I think it’s better suited for a summer weight TQ…somewhere around 11/12oz finished weight (shell & feathers). Has anyone used Nobul1 to make a quilt? If so, can you post pics?? This stuff is close to transparent and I’m wondering what it looks like stuffed.
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