I'm currently just starting out with my hammock setup. I've always been a tent camper and after experimenting with my Eno Dn this past summer I realized I was in love. However, after several hangs between the same trees I noticed the same settings I always used were producing different results. To get to the point, my concern is the Eno slap straps that I purchased with the hammock. They seem to have some ( I mean a lot) stretch and not to sound picky but I've always wanted a set of straps with the same strength but no stretch . I have been reading about so many alternatives here in the HF and a lot of folks have many different favorites for many different reasons. Im overwhelmed and not sure what to get. So I'm looking for some ideas. I'm not concerned with weight, color, style or anything else, just want no stretch or at least less stretch than what I have now. And i don't want to just buy something without knowing all the alternatives available. Any thoughts?