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    The "Double Slip Knot"

    Just Jeff says (to attache the hammock rope to a carabiner):

    "Put a carabiner on the tree huggers, then just a “double slip knot” in the Spectra. It's basically a half-hitch inside a half-hitch. It holds and it’s quicker to tie and adjust than the Hennessy hitch"

    I'm not quite sure what that means. When I try to make it up, based on the picture and the words, I end up with those two loops, but one is doubled.

    I tied first a slip half hitch and then a second slip half hitch using the loop from the first half hitch. Is that correct? Again, though, I get those two loops but one is with a single strand of rope and the other is with a double strand of rope.

    In any case, this knot I've just described would seem to work just fine.

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    Do you know how to daisy chain a rope? Same thing.

    1. Put the first slipknot in.
    2. Put two fingers thru that first loop, to the other side of the knot, and grab a bight in the working end.
    3. Pull that bight thru the first loop and tighten the first loop onto it.

    But as long as yours holds and doesn't bind, stick with what works!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Youngblood View Post isn't all about the knots you use, but the material you use those knots with as well.
    That is certainly true. It took a fallen hammock, and a lost skiff for me to learn that every hitch made to an aluminum pole will work lose and fall off. The same hitches made on stainless steel always held. When I must lash to aluminum or exotic alloys, I seize the bitter end to the standing part. I do that for all semi-permanent lashings on any material.

    Both the clove hitch and the garda hitch work well with the Hennessey support lines on Omega Pacific rappel rings. However, since the clove hitch is permanent, I will put a half hitch on top, and seize the bitter end to the standing part, just to be sure.
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