Hey guys! I have been browsing these boards for a couple weeks and finally decided to join. I have been an avid hammocker for the past few years, but have only tent camped in winter conditions. I am ordering a Dream hammock danger bird for an upcoming trip and wanted some possible input.

I am a bigger guy, (6ft1in around 275) and currently use a grand trunk single for spring/summer. I was wondering what type of material would be best for a winter/4 season hammock. I'm not a real finicky sleeper but I think a little extra room might give me some added comfort, would you guys recommend going with a 60 or 72 width on the bird?

I'm also kind of torn on the necessity of an underquilt. I was considering getting the two layer and using some closed cell foam as an insulator or even a pad beneath me, and carrying a space blanket just in case so I can wrap up the underside. I will be testing it out in the back yard for a few days before the trip as well to play around with my rig.

Thanks for any input!