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    How much colder can I sleep by adding a UQ?

    Hi all,

    I did a few searches, but my questions is kind of specific so I wasn't turning up the answers I was seeking. Plus, posting a thread is more fun anyways...

    It seems like not too many of the "die-hard" hammock campers are a fan of the Clark Jungle Hammocks for some reason, but I really love mine. At any rate, this isn't a Clark vs. whatever thread, so I'll leave it at that.

    I have slept in my Clark down to freezing, but I'd like to go colder. I slept at freezing with my 15 degree marmot bag and a thermarest sleeping pad. I slept at 38 degrees F with just my bag and no pad comfortably. I was reviewing a KAQ underquilt, and the temp rating is 30 degrees.

    My question is... if I slept at 32 F with my 15 degree bag and a thermarest pad, if I leave the pad at home and supplement a KAQ new river UQ, how cold should I be able to comfrotably sleep? The nights here in Wisconsin lately have been close to zero for a low, but many nights have been in the teens and 20's lately.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I guess the answer is the same as the answer to this question; "Where does a person with adult diapers go to the bathroom?" The answer is "depends". My under quilt (UQ) is rated to 10-15F but with a pad and a lot of warm clothes I've been down to -11F, so I'd say a pad could supplement an UQ atleast 20F. Remember though, the way we feel cold is as individual as we are. Use my or anybodies advice as a only a guide. Test your set up at an area where you have a warm place to bail out to.

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    For myself and again this is only my preference..I use a JRB MW along with a down filled bag as an TQ and was very comfotable at -3* C... will be heading out in Feb to test the gear down to the - 10 -15*C range in witer conditions.
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