I got some 1.1oz 48" wide material in the mail today and was able to put together the 48 in wide foot box design I have been wanting to try. The main body is 10' x 4', offset by 18 inches. For the foot box, I cut a 30x30x42 right triangle and sewed the short sides to the foot end of the right side long edge, like everyone else has done. I did not use zingit in the long edge. The triangle is sewn in the pointy end of the parallelogram.

With the narrow length of the hammock, it felt like I was falling out of the left side of the hammock. So I cut a second triangle from the material I had left over from forming the parallelogram shape on one end. This triangle long edge is 34 in and the short sides are 22 in long. I sewed the short sides into the center of the left edge, giving my shoulder and left elbow a shoulder box to catch and keep me from falling out of the hammock.

The hammock is single layer and all the long edge seams were stitched with a zigzag stitch to keep from stressing the material.

This seemed to work pretty well. I may shorten the hammock by 6 in before I am done because there seems to be excessive room at the head end of the hammock. It would save a couple ounces to shorten the hammock.