A sobering reminder of hammock safety...Decided to test out/show the wife adding the underquilt to the hammock and adjusting it in sector 5-the backyard. Got the hammock w/woopies adjusted; added UQ and tensioned somewhat. Adding the UQ compresses the hammock sides together to a narrow seating band....Comparison-we now have turned our stable flat bottom boat into a narrow sea kayak!! She then attempted to sit onto the hammock like it was a swingset..perpendicular to the long axis...the hammock bunched together even more...creating a sudden "tipping moment" (from physics) resulting in an immediate backflip with shoulders and back of the head impacting the ground.....Scary moment-no pun intended..I initially thought she sat on the quilt not the hammock...not so..all hammock suspension lines were still intact,etc...fortunately soft dirt/no rocks were below the hammock and so far just a bit of soreness of shoulders which appear to have absorbed most of the impact!

So what have we learned here..? SAFETY FIRST!!

1. Always check all suspension lines carefully and hammock material for tears,frays,etc.

2. Hang the hammock in the LOWEST possible position for the safety of the occupant....in this case the hammock was 1 foot off the ground..AND make sure underneath you no dangers exist such as Rocks,etc if at all possible...
3. Enter the hammock Very Carefully...Gradually increase your weight load to the hammock in case of a failure. I like to straddle the hammock to get in..one foot on either side for balance..may not always be possible.

4. Have a Large Crash Pad undereath you!! Wouldn't that be NICE! Oh Well.....

Your thoughts and personal experiences are welcomed and remember-SAFETY FIRST