I usually don't sleep in temps below upper 30s and have been using a CCF pad and/or an old leaky Thermarest down to freezing without much trouble. I am not backpacking. Since UQs have been talked up so much I decided to get one...had to be so much better. It is a synthetic from a well know manufacturer rated to freezing. I used it several times last year and don't think I could be more dissatisfied. It is full length and tightens up well on the ends. The sides are snug as well and there seems to be a little air space on the bottom so there don't seem to be any fit problems. However, a puff of breeze cuts through it like a knife. I am not talking about wind, I don't even know that a breeze happened until I go from OK to a cold back in 60 seconds and that would be in upper 40s or low 50s. Once that happens all the warmth has been stripped from the UQ and it takes a while to warm up. Unless another puff comes along, then it is hopeless. It seems like I would need some sort of plastic sheeting wind screen around it to make this thing work. I just went back to pads. Does anyone else have this problem? I can't imagine this company staying in business if other people do.