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    clear roof tarp.

    well i got bored. so i decided to make a tarp. i wanted something that was clear for the top, (doesn't everyone wanna see the stars laying in the hammock?) well i went and bought a clear shower curtain. and just so happens that i had some painters plastic laying around.

    i knew the curtain wouldn't be long enough by itself so i just some of the painters plastic to make the tarp a total of 10'. im sure i could have gone bigger but i think this will do. i added sides to the bottom of what i made, they don't do much, but they don't weight much either! im thinking i need a few more tie outs on the bottom of them, and i will add doors as soon as i can, but with the wind we had last night, it worked out pretty well. i layed under it in my hammock for a few hrs just to see how nice it was.

    Surprisingly the wind stayed off me more then i thought it would. but like i said, i need doors! i put it all together with some white duct tape. and found out that 1 roll was not enough!!! ah i had some silver laying around so i used it :/ rather have bought another roll of white tho.

    overall i spent around 5 dollars. (thanks to having painters plastic laying around)

    the tarp is 10' long and when staked out, its right at 4' wide.
    the sides are 40" tall, wondering if if needed taller sides?
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