We all know that Adam and Jenny run a top notch operation. Here's a story that further illustrates that:

The stitching on one corner of the grossgrain channels of my Winter Phoenix was coming a little unravelled after a few years of use. Between that and wanting to find out if I could get my quilt retro-fitted with the new suspension system, I sent the folks at HG an email. I asked if that was something that could be done, and how long it might take. I have the NJ Winter Hang at the end of the month, and I know they're busy - so if it couldn't be done in time for that, I'd just wait to send it in until after January was over.

Got a response a few days later (I sent the email between Christmas and New Years so figured it might take a few days to hear back) from Jenny, letting me know that they'd happily take care of it, and that if I included the email about it so they knew what to look out for, that they should be able to get it taken care of and back out within a week following when they received it.

That was last Wednesday. So I boxed up my beloved Blue Phoenix, and put it in the mail priority - estimated to be delivered this past Friday at some point - and sent an email back letting them know it was on the way and giving them the tracking info just in case.

Friday morning around 10 or 11 AM I checked the USPS site, and it said the package was out for delivery in their town in Ohio. I went out to do some work, and got home around 5PM. Waiting for me was an email notification that a package had been shipped to me from HammockGear! I thought it must be a mistake, and perhaps was somehow simply confirmation of the package making it to them. Checking later that night confirmed that there was indeed a package on its way back to me ...

I just got home from work, and waiting on my doorstep was a box from HG - containing my faithful UQ - all fixed up and updated! It has the new suspension, and they added on some spiffy down filled draft tubes on each end, similar to what my brand new Summer Phoenix has. Looks awesome!

So not only did they get back to me quickly after the holiday season, but they somehow magically managed to do all the update work and get it back in the mail within the course of a few hours after receiving it last Friday.

I can't wait to get it out in the cold air of the Pine Barrens in a few weeks. A huge kudos to Jenny, Adam, and crew - I knew it would look great, and I knew that they would do it in the time they promised ... but I had no idea they could slow down time and get it done that fast. They must have had the mailman wait outside while they fixed it and handed it right back to him or something!

Thanks so much - if the craftsmanship alone hadn't already made me a loyal customer, this certainly would have sealed the deal for sure. There's customer service, and then there's Customer Service.