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    4 Sale - NEW HH ASym Tarp & Used Once Travel Hammock Skeeter Beeter Pro

    I apparently can't post in the "4 Sale" section because I don't have enough other posts...bear with me and you'll understand why (the short answer is that I'm not a hammock camper...but I tried).

    Last year I tried to become a hammock camper and failed miserably. I tried offerings from Hennessey Hammock, The Travel Hammock, Jungle Hammock, Clark Hammock, ENO Hammock, etc. At 6'6" and 270 pounds, finding the right fit (and comfort) just never materialzed. I did get the pleasure of spending a ton in return postage, however.

    At one point I thought I was going to make a hammock even though I never used one before. As a result, I decided the options I liked on some and wanted to apply it to others, in the end, nothing worked out and it was all a complete joke.

    With that said, I'm left with my purchases which I'm looking to sell at pretty much any reasonable price as I can't return them because I screwed with it or it has been too long. Literally...any price as it does nothing but sit in a closet.

    I have the TARP/SHELTER (never used) from a Hennessey Hammock ASym for the Explorer Deluxe (just the tarp). It has never been used or even unfolded.

    I have the Skeeter Beeter Pro hammock with mosquito netting from The Travel Hammock. I laid in it once, tinkered with it thinking I could make it better, and sat in it one more time until realizing I had no hope. Essentially I replaced the rope at either end with heavier stuff (no reason really, I'm just stupid), and I sewed pull-outs on the side to make it work like a Hennsessey Hammock. As a result, I tore the smallest of holes in the mosquito netting before calling it quits. I have all the original stuff. Most people wouldn't notice the hole and I have the factory rope and hook to replace it if that bothers anyone (you can have both either way).

    Like I said, I'm just looking to unload it to folks here who clearly know how to use this stuff and appreciate it. Other than the smallest of tears in the mosquito netting and the fact that I sewed on the pull-out straps, both the tarp and hammock look brand new. They haven't even spent one night outside.

    Anyway, if you're interested, please e-mail me with your offer at regultr at gmail dot com. I can only take cash or cashiers check/money order as otherwise I don't have a PayPal account.

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    I moved the thread for you.
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    pm sent on tarp
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    just starting out hanging looking 4 my first rig reasonalt priced i can get skb pro round $40 new no idea on tarp what is the best you can do?"

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