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    If only one to make adjustments - how done?

    One of the problems with, "find someone to get in the hammock" is finding someone to get in the hammock. Is it better to find someone the same weight or someone the same height?

    If weight is the main factor, is there a minimum that is good enough. For example, I have three dromedary bags I could fill with water and stick in the hammock to give it "load" for adjusting. Or, for example, if I can put 50 lb in a backpack and throw it in - would that work?

    The hammocks I'm adjusting the UQ's for are HH Survivor and WB BlackBird and RidgeRunner.

    I know for some of you, "finding a friend" seems easy. But with our current 20 degree winter temps, finding someone to stay in the cold hammock until I "dial it in" can be a challenge. Especially if I'm trying to match my height and/or weight.

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    I think the backpack idea would work, also a big duffel bag (shaped like a body) maybe. I just laid in it myself, got out and made adjustments, got back in and check, repeat until dialed in. Kind of a pain but once it's done it's done.

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