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I love my snakeskins! And that comes from someone that tries to shed all unnecessary weight! Try to deploy a tarp on a windy day, just once, and it will make you a believer!
I think the people who say this must have multiple guy lines on the side of their tarps, and not just two. For me a snake skin would be no better than ties because I'd have to remove it completely to get to my guy lines anyway. Even if you did have multiple on each side you could move the tie up one at a time, only letting out as much as you need.

Not trying to talk anyone out of snakeskins, I just don't really see how they're different, or why I'd need that much fabric. If I already had them, and wasn't worried about weight, I'd use them because they look cooler and slide easier but I don't see myself spending money to get a heavier solution just because it saves me a few seconds when sliding the hair ties.

As always, HYOH. Mine happens to be a cheap hang.