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    We were always very careful to not park under large trees on the Stanislaus NF whenever a snow storm was predicted. Our concern was more for large pine cones than snow bombs. Jeffery, Sugar, or even Ponderosa pine cones at nine or more inches falling from over one hundred feet can cause serious damage. Be extra careful where you set up in the high country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountaingoat View Post
    We will be going to Dewey Point from Badger Pass in Yosemite. As far as I know these are big trees. Some wind possible too.
    Another backpacker that was going to hammock decided to go on the ground because of the possibility of snow bombs coming off the trees.
    I would love to stick to hanging, but now I question the wisdom of that.
    That's going to be a great hike with wonderful views of half dome. Hope you got your bear canisters. I am sure you will be able to find trees with less snow on them that will work for you. not sure about the point but Dewey meadow has lots of trees. Besides you want to get out of the wind and the Point may not be the best place in a storm. I would be more worried about the wind. Sounds like you might want to have a back up plan like sharing the tent with your fellow backpacker. Bring a pad in case you need to do that.

    Truth be told I always bring a storm worthy tent when in the backcountry this time of year. I never sleep in it but use it more for hanging out with friends or eating in it. If I'm more than an hour way from my car this is my winter insurance policy in case my hammock setup gets blown out.


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    I hope we get a trip report on this one.

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